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Does anyone know where i can get awesome PREMIUM Joomla and Wordpress templates....for a social site/blog.. for an affordable price...like cheap actually coz i been seeing some ridiculous prices like 149 pounds on the net.....like is it possible to do without these premium templates and so on...i am like really pissed how can a template cost more than hosting and registering my website and my emails...?

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best "premium" wordpress themes guys out there right now is WooThemes: http://www.woothemes.com

to be honest though this question is going to get you some very subjective answers

Premium suggests one thing to me - excellence. excellence/premium themes generally have a "premium" price tag as you are paying for what you are getting - theres no point getting angry about that, quite simply these developers invest there time and energy into developing these themes for our use, in many cases the time taken is in the hundreds of man hours - the developers have to recoup there costs some how

if you want a "cheap" theme then you dont want a premium theme, that said woothemes linked above does have some excellent themes that they provide for free.
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what about Joomla Monsieur?
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i dont touch joomla even with a very long stick, historically have had far too many issues with it related to security to merit spending time on it when WordPress and Drupal get the job done better and more securely
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You would be crazy to use wordpress for a high performance site due to all the recent security holes found!
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just like you'd be crazy to use Joomla for a high performance site or drupal or expressionengine for the same reasons

if security is your primary reason then nothing is going to be more secure than flat HTML

the thing about WP compared to Joomla, i find WP fixes security issues faster than the others - i mean does joomla have a huge network of sites like wordpress does through wordpress.com and self installed?
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there is security holes discovered recently?
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no more than normally found, its not something to enter panic stations about
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hahahaha...i like the way u say it...Bravo...
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the only best security you can provide to a pc or program is never to allow it on internet, even better, dont switch it on. Keep it locked away where no one have access
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dont forget your tin foil hats
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hahahaha...and how then do we survive or interact with others...bottom line what you are saying is there is risk in everything right?there is no watertight security for anything...i heard facebook and Ms get hacked too once in a while..just that they wrap it up quickly or never disclose it...?
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I don't aware of Joomla templates..You may search in Google and get it from safe and secure sites..But you can get the Wordpress templates from http://www.tucktail.com/hosting/wordpress.aspx?ci=43232&prog_id=447401&pl_id=447401 at low cost..They offer Hundreds of free themes, Thousands of free plugins and so on..
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Yeah!! Simply visit wordpress.org that’s it!! But friend I’m bit confused that why you are wasting your money in purchasing Premium WordPress themes. If every WP users and even professional developers are downloading premium themes for free then why aren’t you!
Well if you take my suggestion then I must recommend you to go with themeko.org and themeshared.com. Otherwise you can also follow this link http://yoctotemplates.com/category/wordpress-themes/premium/ from where you can download Premium WP themes for free of cost. Now it’s up to you…
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