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it say it can not recognise my phone number,lve tried correcting settings and its still refusing to register,l dnt know whats wrong
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I don't know why they said my device is not supported at the moment. I can't download whatsapp on my phone again. I need to know why please.

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9 Answers

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Are you using the right version of whatsapp for your phone, the s40 version?
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Whatsapp problem
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you should try to check the version because you might be trying to download a bigger version that needs a big storage space and may not be compatible with your phone, check the other versions
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I think you are trying to register your whatsapp using the "change number option". If you have never used whatsapp before or you bought that phone with whatsapp installed, delete the app and download a new one. I made the same error when I used a Nokia Asha 201.
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Latest version of Whatsapp is not supported on legacy symbian OS, update your OS first (if possible).
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Make sure u have a working data plan.
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go to a Nokia store then search  for a suitable watsapp for yo phone
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U should visit www.watsapp.com for a watsapp download  which is suitable for yo phone
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If you can't open your whats up on your mobiles
#1 Correct date and time settings.
#2 Update your mobile phone OS.
#3 Update Whatsapp application.

If you cant solve this issue try buy new mobile.
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