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How do I download whatsapp on my Nokia N9?

asked Apr 12, 2013 by anonymous  
retagged Apr 24, 2013 by Soul Kabweza
Failing to download whatsapp onto Nokia N9.


6 Answers

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answered Apr 12, 2013 by The Geek Guru (27,280 points)  
selected Dec 23, 2013 by The Geek
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well, technically you cant, since meego, the software that powers N9, doesnt support whatsapp, however there are to ways to get around the problem

first download Wazzap, Wazzapp is an unofficial port of WhatsApp
and quickly became one of the most downloaded apps for Nokia N9.The app allows you to communicate with your buddies who use WhatsApp on their mobile phones.

you can get it from http://openwhatsapp.org/download/ or http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Internet-Utilities/Instant-Messenger/Wazapp-131790.shtml or

second alternative is to get a geek like me to load Android icecrea fro you on the N9 and it becomes an android device...
commented Jun 18, 2013 by anonymous  
just downloaded wazapp on my n9 but when i try to open it its saying 'sending registration request taking too long? enter code manually or use voice request' and takes forever doing that.
commented Jun 25, 2013 by anonymous  
same doing with my phone
commented Jun 25, 2013 by The Geek Guru (27,280 points)  
private message me  we can arrange to meet and i can help you out, there is a little technicality there, but believe me it works, just last friday i set it up for someone...
commented Aug 15, 2013 by sie  
the n9 wont work as far as wazapp and whatsapp is concerned, in our our region wazapp does not work maybe in khazakstan not in zimbabwe, actually i want to sell mine
commented Aug 15, 2013 by The Geek Guru (27,280 points)  
it works bra...i have done it twice !!!
commented Dec 23, 2013 by Tapiwasam new here (980 points)  
actually, it works, i used it when i still had my N9
commented Jul 5, 2014 by anonymous  
Sir im facing same problem trying to register but it says server failed old version but I downloaded latest one fron open whatsapp.....
commented Nov 17, 2014 by worried  
hi there i am struggling with my N9. i downloaded wazzup but cannot register or receive the verfication code. someone previously added a whatsapp version which looks different from the normal one but it suddenly stopped and had to delete it...please help with this Wazzup
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answered Nov 14, 2013 by dera Regular (3,520 points)  
Just visit www.watsapp.com
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answered Nov 14, 2013 by dera Regular (3,520 points)  
U must download wazzaap it allows u to communicate with yo fnds who use watsapp
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answered Nov 14, 2013 by Godfrey Expert (11,450 points)  
i think its not possible to download watsapp on an your phone coz yo phone does not support it
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answered Jul 13, 2014 by nokia n9  
my favrot vaic HONDA
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answered Feb 11, 2015 by Tom MakMathers  
I badly want to downlaod whatsapp on my nokia n9. Please help me

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