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I ROOTED my galaxy mini gt s5570 android 2.2 nd upgraded it to android 2.3.6 . Worked fine. nd then installed a CUSTOM ROM minisense v4 ( Basically software that give phone look nd feel of an HTC fone runing android 4.0 ) It looks great everything else is perfect BUT it doesn't connect to internet on either Econet,Telecel or Netone gone to their branches they are no help

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Check the documentation of your custom ROM it is most likely a case of no radio drivers which you may need to install separately. If you have enable data in your settings and set the correct APN and still no internet... means no drivers or drivers broken.
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Thank you i am going to check up on that . I really don't want to go back to basic 2.3.6
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EUREKA !! After a lot frustration I managed to get a solution to my problem. The solution is a strange one but it works.
The key is to leave the APN Type box...EMPTY !
I tested it out on Telecel,Econet nd Netone lines.
NAME ----- Telecel/Netone/EWZ ....( pick whichever is applicable )
APN ---- telecel/internet.Netone/Econet.net...(pick applicable)
APN PROTOCOL ----IPv4 / IPv6 ( pick whichever you want )
APN TYPE ---- BLANK ( Very important ! LEAVE IT BLANK !
DON'T change any of the other settings !
If you don't connect automatically after saving the settings Switch Off the phone then On again you sould have a connection after 30 seconds
Apparently this problem keeps problem keeps piping up time to on Custom ROMs.  Google is your friend . Lol
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