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So I've decided to get a 3g modem since the internet is really fast...Im currently on Powertel and not a heavy user so Id prefer speed and reliability over unlimited and unusable. And besides, Powertel has forgotten to cut me off for several months now so should I run out of data bundles I can always go back to it

So I was comparing products just now and it turns out the econet 3g modem is now $28 with 25mb of free data every month and for $50 I can get 2.5gigs. However with Telecel, for $30 I get 300 mb initially and then after that if I spend again $50p/m I'd only get 1gig+1gig = 2gig.

So Im guessing I should go with Econet then? Im just asking as I've made a really bad decision in the past when choosing an isp (powertel )


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You are spot on preferring Econet, in terms of speed I think they have the best service though at times you may get Edge speeds due to power cuts and network congestion I still prefer them because they do give the best speeds at least 90% of the time. I haven't tried Africom though, I hear they have a fairly good service and 1Gb costs $18... If I am not mistaken. Telecel I use as back up when I am on the go and their 3G can't compare to Econet's. however if you have a landline go for Telone ADSL... It's the cheapest in the market 10Gb for only $31!!!
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Thanks for your reply and the times I've used 3g internet Econet did seem much faster than Telecel...I think Telecel may actually throttle their traffic as most of the time it hovers around 300-400kbps yet their upload speeds can go all the way upto 1mbps yet you'd expect it to be the other way round.

I can't use Africom as Powertel has scared me from CDMA technlogy and many people I know complain of what Africom charges you per mb when you cant purchase at $18/gig until the next month. Also ADSL is kinda dodgy as it too, like powertel and africom I've heard, all depend on location as you'll see some people absolutely loving ADSL whilst the next person is fuming at it!

So I guess Econet it is and I hope their data bundles will only get cheaper with time since they kinda do own a great deal of fibre!
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how did you come at econet price of $50 for 2.5 GIG?
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Its the 7th bundle on the bundle list when you dial *140# using an econet sim.
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I live in Eastlea (by the shops) and used to use Africom as Econet almost didn't work there. Now Africom doesn't work (or is very slow) most of the time but I can video skype on my phone using Econet - from the same location. This has changed in the last 8-9 months or so.
In the mean time however, we have installed ADSL from NetOne (50 US for 15 GB so way cheaper than Econet, but not as mobile) and that has so far been exceptionally fast and reliable. I know from others that the NetOne ADSL solution is not always reliable and can be slow in some locations but so far we haven't experienced any of that.
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Its TelOne ADSL... not NetOne
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Dude/tte, just don't forget that powertel will CONTINUE TO BILL YOU until you send them written instructions to stop your service!
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Very true, they will bring an astronomical bill when they have sorted their mess
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Well they havent sent me a bill in months and also I'll challenge them and say if Im able to download a 10mb email attachment on the first try at 1pm on a weekday I'll defintiely pay them
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Well I don't think they send bills AT ALL. I use Powertel and they have NEVER sent me a bill. But they WILL keep adding it up coz its meant to be a subscription structured service, not prepaid. They are quiet now because the amount isn't worth the trouble of going into collections - but be careful. Consider this: you can go for months without paying your ZESA - and usually they wont start complaining and disconnecting until you are in the tipple figures. They just leave you to dig yourself deeper into that hole. So be warned - they CAN come after you once the amount is big enough. Even if you argue and win, you will still have to go through the inconvenience and indignity of being sent a demand letter and having to deal with the debt collectors who will talk to you like a little child etc. Rather clear it up semunhu mukuru because "head in sand" wont help you.
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I bought Econet modem but was disappointed with the speed and price. It slow and most of the time on edge even when ZESA is there. So i removed the sim and put the Telecel one my life has never been the same again. Telecel is faster and cheaper. You get 2G actually for $45
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I leave in Hwange and I tell you, telecel is as good as dead when it comes to data, I failed to download a 400kb file on my fon, not even a single app on my fon could update. Econet is a bit better but its pathetic compared to the speeds I experiance in Harare. Its a blackout zone that side.
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I would say whether Econet or Telecel depends on your neighborhood. i wouldn't even start to think of econet. besides I've just checked their website https://www.econet.co.zw/broadband/tariffs they are contradicting the 50 bucks/ 2.5GB.
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when iota come to broadband telone is the best

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