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I want to integrate my Joomla site with WHCMS, has anyone here done that before, without having to buy the extensions available online, and using my Joomla template as the primary template?

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there are other questions just off the back of that question, what level of integration are you looking for?

I'm guessing that you want them to look the same, at which point its just a matter of theming, WHMCS can be themed to what you need you just need someone to theme up WHMCS to match

if your not too heavily invested in WHMCS i'd suggest switching to HostBill its cheaper, slightly simpler and is much more secure!
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But it still needs me to dedicate sometime towards integration with Joomla?
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it totally depends on what you mean by "integration" for most people just making them look the same and then putting the right links in the Menu (a fairly trivial task normally) or within the content where appropriate (eg Order Now buttons) those are just standard hyperlinks in reality - no integration as such purely linking through to the correct places
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I guess i'll have to settle for the theming part, although i wanted total integration!, will work on that later on
commented by Guru (57.6k points)
i keep repeating myself... you need to define what you mean by "complete integration!" the term is vague and one persons "integration" is different to anothers only from there can you then direct your next questions
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He don' want to n he don' mean anything... he just loves the word. lol no. offence
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Can be done. Code it. WHCMS has an API
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