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My website is bad.. Really bad. I'll give it 3/10. I need someone who can add a professional touch to it. Urgent!,,,,,,

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Good and cheap do not usually come in the same package considering that they are relative terms. In your case, it may be worthwhile to state your budget then do a short list of developers. If you really want cheaper, pick up a CMS and put your sweat in it. If you manage to pull it off, that will be dead cheap else be prepared to part with some money. State your budget.
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Well said!
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Whats your budget, and what do you need your site to be able to do. From that I can decide if I can help you.
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Can I see the link to your website. I can suggest improvements and maybe tell you how much that would cost you
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let me help you then..i will improve it
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www.vision3sixty.com should come in handy for you
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i can design it 4 u using watever technology u want..cal me 0774175438

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