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Web hosting in Zimbabwe

asked Apr 30, 2013 by anonymous  
retagged Apr 30, 2013 by Soul Kabweza
how much are you willing to pay for your web hosting and email hosting? i would like to know as i have a web hosting company and we want to offer great service to the public without ripping them off


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answered Apr 30, 2013 by Chris Mberi Expert (16,380 points)  
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$1 per month unlimited.... that is what I'm willing to pay but I'd like to advise that you look into your costs and give us a fair pricing without being populist and pricing yourself out of business while you leave our sites hanging.
commented Apr 30, 2013 by anonymous  
we currently charge $4 1GB space,$6 unlimited space and $10 for e commerce websites. but there is a special so if you make an order now we give 50% off all hosting.
commented Jul 4, 2013 by fmzondiwa Contributor (7,090 points)  
I want to move my blog http://www.zimsmartphones.wordpress.com to be a self hosted blog. I was on my way to FBC to get a Prepaid credit card so that I pay over at hostgator, tell me more about where I can find you...email address that is!
commented Jul 4, 2013 by uHostAfrica.com  
please email sales@uhostafrica.com or you can call 0778 391 161
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answered Apr 30, 2013 by cshoko Regular (1,680 points)  
Interesting question. I have to admit you are the first "business" i have heard who asks how much clients want to pay.

check your costs and add your markup and that will give you an indication of how much you should charge to stay in business and put food on your table. Once you have a figure compare with competitors and identify your key areas that give you comparative advantage. It could be pricing, service levels, marketing strategy, the products themselves or even the company name!
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answered Jul 4, 2013 by MaduraiRaja Regular (1,060 points)  
I already hosted my website http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_hosting/ here I got the Shared based Linux web hosting plans for $2.63 with unlimited disk space and bandwidth etc..and they are also providing the excellent customer service and many features.The servers are 99% uptime. If you give the web hosting less than that site I will try your site.

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