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I have DSTv decoder want to open an account in South Africa while I'm in Zimbabwe because I want to watch SABC channels

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I m in zimbabwe i want to see sabcs
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Multi choice have a branch in Zimbabwe meant for Zimbabweans. Sabc is for people in South Africa in as much as CCTV is for people in China. It's against the law to subscribe for South African Channels whilst in Zim. That is why we hev Ztv, Channel 2.
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"That is why we hev Ztv, Channel 2." lol dude!
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dude, ZTV and Channel 2 is crap, hence the need for alternatives
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PS: CCTV is on the DSTV bouquet
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I would like to get VISA or MasterCard. Which banks offer these or all  VISAs or Mastercards are internationally accepted.
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FBC Prepaid MasterCard is your best bet. $20 yako chete and you will be walking away with your "freedom" 30 minutes or so later. Visit any FBC branch whenever you decide.

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