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asked in Web by Guru (27.3k points)
Just been checkng chicken slice and i am astounded to find out its joomla....why is it zim developers shun hardcore programing in say php or c#?
commented by Regular (1.6k points)
There is nothing new beneath the sun and for someone with an average know how of web design rather hit that wordpress and focus on making the website rank better and other related stuff....(but if you know how to then no pressure)

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7 Answers

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answered by Guru (32.5k points)
Low skill level plus not willing, for a basic company website, to reinvent the wheel. Some apps just don't need you to go out and build sjtuff that's been built already. There're also Drupal websites out there
commented by Guru (27.3k points)
hahahah, i think there is only five or so sites in zim that are not based on CMs, not to say CMS is bad,...but they guys are really good at joomla and a bit of css...
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@The Geek...Do you mean CMS or opensource CMS or the CMS(Joomla) that is in the topic.

Because anything that manages content is a CMS. Whethere commercial, opensource or custom written
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answered by Guru (57.6k points)
theres nothing wrong with choosing those the thing thats wrong is not keeping them up to date because of there relative popularity makes them a target for hack attacks (hence why they are updated fairly often)

as Soul said, why re-invent the wheel when someone has already done the bulk of the hard work for you - it just sets yourself up for a security fail leter when you get hacked, but if you use wordpress, joomla, drupal (or others) AND keep it up to date then its much less likely to have security issues down the line - i would never recommend building a custom coded cms for a client for that reason alone nowadays

also use of <insert big cms here> prevents vendor lockin to a certain degree which means people are not locked to a particular developer.

also linux servers are cheaper to operate generally (free OS) and cant run c#/.NET code (they can but not flawlessly or easily)
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answered by Guru (88.1k points)
lm busy trying all the default username and password l know of. Maybe l might be lucky and claim my first hacking success!!
commented by Guru (27.3k points)
hahaha, i am not a hacker and dont think i ever will since i am scared of chikurubi, but hacking zim websites much as it may be easy, it has no value...none of them do eCommerce, so apart from embarrassing them...there isnt much motive in doing that. as for te default passwords, they are likely to be using company name and 123 at the end.. like chickenslice123 or chickensliceadmin or chickeslice2012 as password...kkk.you would be shocked at how many people like these sorts of passwords
commented by Guru (31.2k points)
Or even p4ssw0rd
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answered by
Hardcore programming? C# & php? That's a funny statement. Do you know Joomla Is in php? And a plethora of the most popular Foss web apps. Do you know the hosting requirements for for a C# ASP.Net website? Other than Mono, its Windows = licensing costs. Unless you have capital

commented by Guru (27.3k points)
dude, i know joomla is in php...its a CMS ka....nhai...? but can u say a joomla ninja is a php ninja?
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answered by Contributor (8.2k points)
First and foremost, i dont beleive there is any need to reinvent the wheel, developing a chat or simple comments systems will cost you in terms of  both time and money, why not use tried and tested systems? and then . . .

Well, at times its also about the clients, you will never convince them to go beyond the normal, and the normal can be easily done neJoomla! Most of these clients do not necesarily need websites, but online brochures, static pages with a few updates here and there, so until and unless Chamisa convinces them of the need of high-functionality sites and introduces the necesary measures for such (he himself doesnt understands a thing about online selling) they will just want CMS based sites, so Pambili LoJoomla!
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answered by Contributor (7.1k points)
If Joomla or Wordpress fits the bill then use it to the max...

We are not developing web apps but websites so there is no need for custom code whatsoever here.
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answered by new here (410 points)
No offence to the asker of the question but most times people who ask such questions have no clue what their talking about.

Yes unfortunately Zim sites often run outdated versions of these popular CMS..but guess what, wordpress powers 25% of the web and counting. Joomla in the 15%.

So just stop and think for a minute: Maybe Zim developers are actually on to something here...
commented by Guru (27.3k points)
FYI i have more than a clue on what i am talking about i have a Btech Hons electronic commerce. I run five websites. two of them very successful. right in your face Sir. what are your qualifications?
commented by new here (410 points)
Haha you just got angry at a comment on the internet. Time to get a life maybe?
commented by Guru (27.3k points)
perhas it is you who should get a life before insulting others on the internet you lowlife. what a shocking display of intellectual paucity. Imbecile.
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