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Can't locate advert in press

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Straight from the advert:

1. Dial *151*200# to access the EcoCash menu
2. Enter your EcoCash PIN
3. Select option 8 'Pay Bill' option
4. Enter the Biller Code: 22108
5. Enter the amount
6. Enter the account number
7. Please enter month paid for (can only be 1 or 12)
8. Select option 1 to confirm the transaction
9. Select Send option
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I equally had the same problem. The facility doesn't work.
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Hey Soul. Have you successfully transfered your money to Multichoice to pay for your subs? I tried it last week and the money never got through to Multichoice. Econet ended up reversing the EcoCash transaction without any explanations. It would be interesting to hear from those who have used the service.
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Did it successfully myself. Had to call them though for the reactivation signal.
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I have successfully paid my sub using Eco cash. Eco cash one time.

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