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Some of my facebook pages are over 200 000 fans/followers now...is there away to directly monetize these pages, without having to redirect traffic to my websites or selling my pages? i sold one for 200 bucks and i feel the guy is making more money now hahahah

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While I'm thinking, do you mind letting me know your field of specialization.
commented by Guru (27.3k points)
i am an ICT entreprenuer. I used to be an IT Tech...but i quit...
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Where your passion lies is where the money is. 200000 is a huge audience and surely you can't telling me you had nothing to offer these people outside your ICT skills. ICTs are just tools they are not the ends in themselves for entrepreneurs. Besides the tools you have acquired, you have got to learn something else, art, science, maths, biology, physics etc so you can create value in these fields using your ICT skills. currently you are a beautiful canvas with no painter to create that master piece that people would be willing to pay for. Find the artist within you and innovation will flow. Plenty people know wordpress pretty well but it takes a taste of creative art and passion to have Techzim.co.zw; and notice how Techzim.co.zw is not an end in itself.
commented by Guru (27.3k points)
thanx bro....perhaps art, i aced physics bio etc in my high-school.am finishing my degree in two weeks.

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