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I need a website done for me.
The website should function exactly the same way as the cnet download.com site but mine would be used for uploading and downloading pdf, docs and picture files mainly. Should be able to upload audio and video files though.

Reg Users should be able to choose to follow certain files or make wish lists, review files and make comments and editors should be able to do reviews on files uploaded etc.

Sending notifications wen similar files are uploaded and other extras etc.

Downloading: reg or unreg users should be able to download.
Uploading: only reg users with the permission to upload set by the admin.
Admin should be able to allow and deny access to upload files to reg users.
Can i have your quotes please if you can do this.
email references to info@speakoutzimbabwe.org

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post your email address please
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email references to: info@speakoutzimbabwe.org
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