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asked by Guru (88.1k points)
Is there any problem or something you would changed? Things like screen resizing for us who use mobile phones a lot.

5 Answers

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answered by Regular (1.9k points)
Haven't tried techzim answers on my galaxy but the main page is great on my phone, basically depends what browser you use on your phone.
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answered by Regular (4.4k points)
I don't have any problem accessing this page using my simple nokia feature phone, the problem is when it comes to I can not see comments or comment on articles.
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answered by Guru (26.2k points)
Half the time i use Samsung Ace Adv looks cool to me
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answered by Guru (57.6k points)
i use the following:

Macbook with Chromium
Iphone (with some unreleased Beta OS that i cant specifically mention or not mention the use of)
Ipad - latest public stable release
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answered by Contributor (7.1k points)
Desktop pc, Nokia Asha 201, Huawei Y 100, Galaxy S2. It looks okay on all devices but could be streamlined a bit for the Asha 201.