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Hello Adrian,

The points are basically awarded to those that answer questions and are indicative of the most active and helpful community members. You also get additional points if your answer is selected as the correct one.
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It means maybe with some luck or persuasion, Kabweza might turn them into cash.

Bt like he said, it reflects your participation here.
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there are default points that you get by just registering an account,then  for you to continue earning points you have to perform various activities that follows on this platform
-answer a question
-post a question
-comment on a question
-your answer has been up voted
-your answer selected as the best answer
-commenting on an answer ,
try those and start earning points here,the good thing i can also share with you is that the website is now offering free $5 worth airtime of your choice,so this news got to somebody  love earning points.
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Voting wont give you any competition points.

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