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First, my apologies for making changes without any prior indication we would be working on it.That said, I'm positive you will love the new Techzim Answers.

As you know, we use the open source Q2A platform to run this site. So when that platform has been updated its an opportunity to make this site more usable, faster, less cluttered. We don't always succeed at this of-course as new doesn't always mean better, so will be great to hear your feedback on what you like and don't like about the new TZ answers.

We have already noted that some of you received email requests to confirm membership to the site. Regrettable. That one basically sneaked through.

So what are the new features:
-  A slightly modified interface. We made the "Ask a Question" more visible so anyone new here know exactly how to ask.
- Also made it less color heavy so it's easy on the eyes. hopefully you like it. If we've just made it boring, please let us know!
- We've implemented some changes to the badges changes you will notice in the coming days depending on your activity It's basically meant to have more badges that are tuned to a person's activity. There are 57 badges to start with. We think it will be more exciting.
- An email newsletter option to allow you to receive the latest top questions, answers and comments.
- The ability to share questions to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & LinkedIn
- The ability to add images to a question or answer

Finally, let me thank you all that take time to respond to questions here and the moderators that take time to keep the platform clean and useful to everyone. You are what keeps this community alive.

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answered by Guru (26k points)
I like the last two points the most The ability to share questions to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & LinkedIn The ability to add images to a question or answer not to say the rest dont matter. just these are more exciting to me
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The new TZ answers is really nice. just a suggestion maybe when you update it again, you can put emoticons?
commented by Guru (32.5k points)
thank you very much for the feedback. we'll look into it.
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There used to be a link to the main site on the previous version. I can't find it now, it was convenient - any chance of getting it back? The rest of the changes are great.
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thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely consider bringing it back

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