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where can i buy a Raspberry Pi in Zimbabwe

asked Jul 4, 2013 in Computer Hardware by tendyfish Expert (19,600 points)  
i'm looking for Raspberry Pi for a small home project. please help!


2 Answers

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answered Jul 5, 2013 by Chris Mberi Expert (16,380 points)  

My previous efforts to get one localy proved fruitless and the best alternative worked out to be South Africa. There is a very active user group there and they even offer short courses on programing and using Raspberry boards.

Here are some links for you. If all else fails, inbox me.



commented Jul 5, 2013 by tendyfish Expert (19,600 points)  
thanks Chris let me have a look!
commented Jul 5, 2013 by macdonald.chipunza Guru (88,070 points)  
Keep in touch if you dont get one. I might go outside Zim around October and bring one since there is no duty it should be fine
commented Jul 6, 2013 by tendyfish Expert (19,600 points)  
if i don't get it sooner, i'll definitely give you a shout..thanks for the offer.
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answered Nov 28, 2016 by anonymous  

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