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1st TV is no longer online

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Here is a step by step guide on how to tune your South African multichoice DSTV decoder to free to air signals:

But only worry about network 2 and change the  settings to the following:

Satellite: IntelSat 20
Frequency: 12602
Symbol Rate: 26657
FEC: 2/3
Polarization: Horizontal
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To get 1st TV on dstv:ON DSTV Go to [Menu] ---> [AdvancedOption s] ---> [Dish Installation(Pin = 9949)] GO TO Network 2, 3, 4 Or 5 [any one] CHANGE Disabled to Other By Clicking a button on the RIGHT of OK; Then click OK ; CHANGE -----> FREQUENCY - 12602 SYMBOL RATE - 26657 POLARIZATION - Horizontal FEC 2/3. THEN [Accept all displayed values and leave screen] and press [OK] Now scroll DOWN to [Scan all networks] and press[OK] After the scan has completed, press the [TV] button on your remote and SCROLL DOWN until you GET [PUBLIC IS7] and press [OK]. Then Press a button above OK to have a list of the channels; Look and Go to a channel named "FIRST" using your Remote.
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Hie, does it have to be necessarily network 2 or you can put the settings on any network
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1st TV is no longer online, so this may no longer work
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there is no 1st tv these dayz and if u want a channel to be on dstv l think u shuld talk to dstv station near u

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