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There has been a security breach at Ubuntu:


Where is security?

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3 Answers

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2 possible reasons

1) most likely. To obtain user info and passwords to conduct other social engineering based attacks of other services like banking/paypal. They are playing on users potentially using the same passwords with other accounts

2) someone/some organisation has a grudge against the target
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I used to have all my passwords same on everything believing its cool and easy.
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yeah thats why hackers got smart to that, realised they could break something of arguably lower security to gain data which would give access to the more profitable systems
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I actually believe there was a mass breach of most forums yesterday as Im guessing they were running similar outdated software. I;m a member of a vast number of forums from fitness to psychology and all seemed to have been compromised especially with the spam message of how people can obtain fake documents.
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Very interesting Tom, is there a posibility that they may be using something same like mysql which they might have found a zero day backdoor?
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its doubtful that it was a mysql issue - as it wouldn't be specific to forums - if its spread among forums its likely those forums are linked by the software and version used (it could also be a 0Day thats not yet patched so every user of the affected forum software is affected until its fixed/patched)

mysql is not normally directly accessible (unless someone morinically opened it up for external connections and opened firewalls up) so it would have to be a PHP code bug of some kind
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answered by Contributor (7.1k points)
its Microsoft and Google who are afraid of Ubuntu Touch..... Just joking
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I thought so as well...
commented by Guru (57.6k points)
yeah i doubt that - would be too many legal and ethical ramifications if they got caught
commented by Guru (88.1k points)
They can hire some unknown outfits who can not be traced to them in any way. Im just throwing every mud l can get hoping some can stick
commented by Guru (57.6k points)
google wouldnt be afraid - they dont sell there android software - and they only sell one or 2 devices - it also goes against there do no evil ethos - no matter how remotely removed from them by "3rd parties"

microsoft i could kind of see that argument playing out but again tablets are still such a small percentage of there actual business still when you consider microsoft has xbox, xbox live, windows (desktop editions), skype as well as other things under there belt that it wouldnt make any business sense (they lose more than they actually gain - they lose the cost for such attacks at zero business gain) and whats worse is if was them and they were even remotely linked with any kind of involvement, it would hurt them more than its hurt ubuntu right now

these big companies have paper trail after paper trail (even there email has to be archived (for long periods of time) in case of legal issues later on, which make it all but impossible for any kinds of stuff like this to happen
commented by Contributor (7.1k points)
Yah Microsoft or google didnt do it. But google makes billions from Android. Last week they announced that in the first half of the year they paid out two billion dollars to app developers who sold apps on the play store. Google also has deals with MNO in US to pipe adverts in apps and they split the revenue, Android just as google search is free but google is making billions from 'free' stuff. Microsoft made nine hundred million lose in trying to push windows tablet. Why would they battle for a zero earning venture? Mobile OS are were the cash is.
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