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I am looking for a locally hosted web server in zimbabwe.

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webdev for $75 a year
find webdev on www.webdevworld.com

or +263 702 906 or +263 772 572 583

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www.iwayafrica.co.zw (former MWeb)

  • php,mysql strictly FTP for shared hosting
  • Better flexibility thru their server farming solution. You install yr own server
  • reasonable support Contact: 253300


  • i know they support PHP, MySQL. have no experience on tools available for the developer or web admin.
  • host many websites hosted
  • Contact: already posted here

www.ecoweb.co.zw (site down) - Econet's ISP.

  • last time i used then, they were on Microsoft platforms
  • Contact: 04 250328

www.cyberzol.co.zw (partnership btwn ZOL and Cyberplex Africa) 

  • PHP/MySQL - never had experience on LAMP with them
  • have used them for .NET / MSSQL/DSN for a dedicated server platform. was happy
  • Contact: info@cyberzol.co.zw


The worst hosting service providers in Zimbabwe - in no particular order.
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have you found the above. if not email sales@payman.co.zw
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I have got dedicated server from http://www.tucktail.com/hosting/dedicated-servers.aspx?ci=1785&prog_id=447401 they provides their clients with high performance dedicated servers with solid technical support.
Servers are monitored 24/7, if it is down their networking team will be notified automatically and start working on it.,The price is also reasonable under your budget.If needed you can try them..
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Start your own, everything is just rising in Zim right now
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