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asked by Guru (88.1k points)
lm increasingly becoming lazy to type or sometime busy but still want to send a message out. l have decided solution is walkie talkie or as it is officially known push-to-talk. lm settling on Zello talkie because of its good rating.

ls there anyone who is using this service or app?

4 Answers

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answered by Regular (1.9k points)
I recommend WeChat. its got walkie talkie service as well
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answered by Guru (26k points)
I am loving Zello, its working good for me and my friends
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answered by Expert (19.6k points)
You can use whatsapp,.. they recently added that feature!
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answered by Expert (16k points)
Used Talkbox for a while, found it really good - http://talkboxapp.com/

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