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A family member is using Viber to call me from Majorca. I wonder if when using this from somewhere with no direct WiFi connection will it cost through the normal 3G access?

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Yes - according to Viber, the bandwidth rate during a Viber call is approximately 240 KB per minute up and down, 14 MB per hour up and down. Its a catch 22 - if it was YOU doing the calling, that means you are making MASSIVE SAVINGS over the normal call rates - BUT you also effectively PAY TO RECEIVE CALLS if you are accessing over 3G.
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This is an official representative from Viber

Viber to Viber calls or messages are absolutely free when selecting the Viber badge in your Viber contact list or the button which says 'Free Call' or 'Free Message' within the contact info of your Viber contact list.

All you need is an Internet connection: 3G or WiFi wherever available (3G may incur operator data charges or internet access fees. Check with your 3G provider to see your 3G plan). The bandwidth rate during a Viber call is approximately 240 KB per minute / 14 MB per hour.

If the party you are calling doesn't have an active internet connection or has their Viber application turned off when you call, the call will time out, and once the person reconnects to the internet, or once the person opens the Viber application, they will receive your missed call notification or the text message you've sent.  Viber will not automatically divert to your regular GSM (cell phone provider) service.

If you have any question about Viber - please feel free to ask.

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Viber Team
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Yes, when you make or receive a call via Viber, you're actually using your mobile data credit.
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Look it this way: Viber is a voip service. This means that it needs internet to work so that you can save money. If there is no internet, it will make calls through the normal gsm.

Also, when you are making or receiving calls  what you are doing is actually downloading(listening) and uploading(talking) data. Most isp, not sure econet, dont really pay much attention to uploads.

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