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I need a Livestream website where i can stream content from Harare to others, much like ustream but fully local. I want to avoid international traffic because of speeds. What to do? Who would take such a job? Which host is most stable?

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speak to Zol about hosting, you are going to need a dedicated server or VPS though, rather than just plain website hosting

btw local speeds don't tend to be that much better anyway as its still all restricted by the last mile technologies
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I would love to develop the site. Its up to you to decide what kind of streaming do you want (RTMP, HTTP), how you would want to encode stream, the quality, video dimensions and the target devices. Do you want to extend the target to mobile devices i.e iOS???

Of course you will need a dedicated server with enough storage.

If you really want you can inbox me further details at this email address and i can present you with a proposal: doug.maposa@gmail.com
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You can build a livestream site by getting web designing service from http://www.xnynz.com/design/web-design.aspx?ci=12408&prog_id=456858 they are also doing good service in hosting.. If you want you can rely on them....

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