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asked in Mobile by Guru (26k points)
It is now long when i visit Econet and/Telecel for blackberry internet settings and all they say is that they don’t have. Others with blackberry phones are getting their phones set from the street guys after paying five dollars if not 10. Does that mean, of all the phones, big companies or service providers like Econet and Telecel are failing to get blackberry internet settings? Is it because POTRAZ does not approve it or what?
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blackberry doesnt work properly in Zimbabwe as it does in South Africa , i dont know why.
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Not all the black burry services were allowed  in zim because of insecurity

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They provide settings, the only prob is that POTRAZ did not allow all services because of insecurity
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Internet settings are not that difficult to put on your blackberry. It doesnt need the "street guy" or the service providers. You just have to go to settings, Advanced settings, apn and put the relevant settings. Im sure econet or telecel or netone can gove you the settings so you put mannually.

Check this http://answers.techzim.co.zw/3286/how-can-i-set-my-blackberry-to-connect-to-econet-internet
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they wont give you the settings
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If you are having  a prob with econet  internet service u should visit e nearest econet station for assistance
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Oh u said u are failing with telecel too maybe u should visit e nearest telecel station for assistance
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