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i usually use my PC to visit Techzim Answers website whenever i do any activity  on it.I am not familiar with the mobile version of it.

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It is very friendly. Im always on my mobile and thus what l prefer to use on techzim than my pc.
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The TechZim Answers is very mobile friendly, I use a simple nokia feature phone. The only problem is on the main TechZim page http://techzim.co.zw which does not show or load comments on Opera Mini web browsers. I think Opera mini does not support disqus.
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That is opera problem. For some reason it have a problem with discuss. This hav led me to dump it for chrome.
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I am currently using an Android phone and I am very happy so far. I am not too sure about the feature phones though.
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it is so fantastic, try on your phone and see it yourself
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Would really love it of Techzim could have an app.... Like XDA Developers... It would be amazing to experience such on our smart phones.... The mobile site is "WOW"...
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Sure, hope they will do that.

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