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What are the event details for the ZOL Startup Challenge?

asked Sep 30, 2013 in Events by tzanswers Guru (87,750 points)  
I have been an avid fan of attending whatever local startup challenge or bootcamp that allows local enthusiast (Zimbabwean) to show case their expertise.

I am eager to know what the details for this year's ZOL Startup Challenge 2013 are?
Is there an entry fee for entrants?
When do I have to register by?


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answered Sep 30, 2013 by anthonysomerset Guru (57,630 points)  
selected Sep 30, 2013 by tzanswers
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surge.techzim.co.zw - should tell you all you need to know :)

however your account name is tzanswers - surely you should know the answers to that?

looks like its free entry and register asap on the form on the website:

"To enter the the ZOL Startup Challenge 2013 competition, please enter the details of your startup here. The deadline for applications is end of day 6 October 2013."
commented Sep 30, 2013 by tzanswers Guru (87,750 points)  
Thanks for the answer Anthony, question (and hopefully answer) was more for the benefit of users here rather than ourselves...

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