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Since last week we turned on our "Most Active Members" widget that has been tracking the activities of you, our users, here.

It has been a fun filled week, with hundreds of activities having taken place. Most got answers to their questions whilst others were pointed in the direction to where they can get a solution to their problem.

Our Winners were:
Esther Musakwa
Macdonald Chipunza
Amos Macdrops

This is YOUR tech community and we are gladly here to assist one another!!!

In that regard, we are STILL giving away $5 worth of airtime to each of our Most Active Users for the month and we'll be giving TechZimbo T-shirts to the top 5 Most Active Users for the month!!!

So feel free to ask, answer, comment and vote. It's all in the name of creating a more "technofied " local community.

More great features to come soon.

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I think its a great incentive as we strive to make this community of ours more vibrant and dynamic in terms of technology and anything that bothers us technologically!!!!!!! BIG THUMBS UP!!!
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We appreciate your continued support.
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true that castro,got mine too.thanx to techzim answers platform,this website is so beneficial.
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This is so cool you guys eish...
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I do, I mean this is great guyz, does any1 agree with me?
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yes i really do
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Its top 5 of the month that get airtime. At the end of the month? and the Tshirt to top 5 members. at the end of the month?
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for the past weeks ,the $5 worth airtime was given to top 5 most active users per week and now  the awards are given per month because they have been increased,i dont know what do you think about this.

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