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Contents on my phone are private. But if someone seeks to do so without my knowledge that's another story. How do I stop them from spying on my phone activities?

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Internally yes you can do that by putting a secure password on your phone. Externally it now depends on your ISP. Your phone records, browsing, messages all lie at their mercy. They can use it anytime they wanna use it.. So its a dog eat cat situation.
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RedPhone uses ZRTP, an open source Internet voice cryptography scheme created by Phil Zimmermann, inventor of the widely-used Pretty Good Privacy or PGP encryption. When a caller dials another RedPhone user, the app uses the two users’ keys to create a simple passphrase (“flatfoot eskimo” or “slingshot millionaire,” for example) and display it on each phone, allowing the speakers to verify that the codes match, and that there’s no man-in-the-middle intercepting the call.

TextSecure uses a similar scheme developed by cryptographers Ian Goldberg and Nikita Borisov known as “Off The Record” to exchange scrambled text messages. Both apps automatically generate a new key and delete the old one with every communication so that even if a user’s key is stolen, none of his or her past calls or texts can be deciphered.  -- Sources google.com and forbes.com
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a password ,or lock key is the way to go
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Depends on the platform you use and how you setup your phone. Firstly never download applications you're not sure of, don't share your IMEI with anyone and don't respond to weird messages. Protecting yourself is based on you. Even if you put a password on your phone someone will always find a way to access your info if they have the motivation.

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