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asked in Mobile Apps by Guru (89.6k points)
I have a Nokia Asha 202 (dual sim phone) and would like to download WhatsApp and start enjoying free texting (well instant messaging infact) like everybody else. I currently use Econet and Telecel but I am willing to put in a NetOne sim if need be. I am not sure whether it is running S40 or S60 software, I don't know, how do I check which version it is running?

How do I download it or can I do somewhere in Harare to have it installed for me maybe via a memory card or some other method?

Thanks for all the help
commented by Guru (26k points)
Nokia Asha, which version?

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6 Answers

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answered by Contributor (8.7k points)
Just get it from the Nokia store
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answered by Guru (31.2k points)
Point your browser to www.whatsapp.com
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answered by Guru (32.3k points)
Visit ovi store or http://whatsapp.com/dl
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answered by Expert (11.5k points)
u can visit yo Nokia store then u search for e watsapp that is suitable for yo phone
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answered by new here (740 points)
Download whatsapp from OVI Store or buy a new device.
If you cant solve this issue try buy new mobile.
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