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What is the best local website for finding jobs?

asked Oct 3, 2013 in Web by tzanswers Guru (87,750 points)  
I am interested to know what options are available for one to find employment locally? What websites offer jobs that are relevant to the Zimbabwean market?

What all will I need to access their service? Do I need to be on mobile or desktop? Do I need to pay a subscription or are they free? How populated are they with jobs or are there more people searching for opportunities?


3 Answers

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answered Oct 3, 2013 by tendyfish Expert (19,600 points)  
selected Oct 3, 2013 by Castro
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answered Nov 3, 2013 by fourwallsinaroom Expert (16,740 points)  

I have had 100% success with them.
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answered Nov 3, 2013 by ckm  
commented Jan 1, 2014 by Sunil  ‚óŹ 1
Hey These are some very useful links. I also found some relevant links at Gigajob. If you want take time to check out latest http://zw.gigajob.com Gigajob Zimbabwe here. Hope it helps.
commented Oct 27, 2014 by Anny  
Dear Sunil... Thanks but i guess the link has changed and it is https://www.gigajob.com/en-ZW/

Good Luck!!

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