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My internal wireless adapter was roasted by lightning so im trying using the usb/pci, problem is i cant get more than 2 bars wifi network even within 100 metres from the router, what could be the problem? I downloaded & installed Ralink drivers from the intex site, but its not working

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Metres usually mentioned  on selling ar bit misleading because they dont tell you that those claimed metres were tested on clear open space.

If you are within a build, concrete walls, metal sheets or positioning of your pc greatly reduce distance even to few metres.

A software driver regardless of it being ralink will not help because your limitation is hardware plus surrounding.
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sounds like its cheap hardware too
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Well in wireless modems and routers... its all about antennas...

Simple stated the Longer the Antenna, the better the reception, if you are far from the router..

There are ways to improve your reception follow these links..

1) http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-WiFi-Reception

2) http://gizmodo.com/5936365/five-free-ways-to-boost-your-wi+fi-signal

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