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i have recently started using ecocash account,how do i withdraw or cashout  money.Is there a simpler way to do that whilst i will be in the comfort of my home,if yes ,how?

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You need to be at an Ecocash Agent to withdraw, You also need to have that particular agent's code... It should be pasted on their shop's wall... Dial *151*200# and then follow the procedure.... Good luck
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Does one need to go with their ID to withdraw?
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Certainly. Every bank transaction in ZImbabwe needs one to have an ID
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True that, and an ID is required
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Visit any Econet Shop or EcoCash Agent in person with the following requirements:
Original National ID
Handset and the line that is currently active for EcoCash
Inform the Agent that you will need to make a cash out. They will give you the Agent number to use.
Dial *151*200# and enter your pin to access your EcoCash menu
Select Option 3-Cash Out
Enter Agent Code
Enter Amount that you wish to cash out (e.g. 2 for $2 or 50 for $50)
You will see a message on your screen advising you of how much you have said you wish to cash out and the Agent you wish to cash out to. From there you can either Select Option 1-Approve or Option 2-Cancel the transaction.
If you approve the transaction, a confirmation message will be sent to you with the following details:
Transferred amount
Receiving Agent’s name/code
New wallet balance
Keep these confirmation messages as reference and only dispose of them when you are certain that you no longer need them. A Cash out charge of 3% of the value to be cashed out will be deducted from your wallet
Unregistered EcoCash customers should visit their nearest EcoCash Agent with the Confirmation message that contains the approval code. The Agent will initiate the cash out
There is no cash out charge for unregistered customers
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