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asked by Guru (26k points)
i want to partition my local disk,such that i will install Windows 8 and Linux in my laptop without installing them inside Windows 7 ,how do i go about it

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2 Answers

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answered by Guru (88.1k points)
From the way you asked l can safely say you are still new!

 1.You cannot install Windows 8 inside windows 7, l have never heard that.

2. If you want to install win 8, then you will need a genuine copy and new license.

3. Having tried myself to dualboot win 8 and linux, l will not advise you to do that as its a nightmare.
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answered by Regular (2.1k points)
1.Create your recovery DVD's from recovery partition before proceding, or order them from hp so as in case of any error or in worst case system can be set to factory restore.

2.BACK UP YOUR DATA(http://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm


4.Hopefully you have read this , if any consequences arises take it on your part , nothing to do with it, you can leave the rest of reding part if not ready.
You are using this guide at your own risk. I don't take any responsibility for any problems.
Important informations !
Before you will do anything please create a set of recovery discs and back up all important data.
Both these steps will save you a lot of troubles if something will go wrong.
Remember that if you will decide to use the recovery discs or the F11 option to restore the PC to its originalcondition, all partitions which were created by you will be lost and all the data which were stored on them willalso be lost.
Below screenshot shows pre-configured partitions on HP notebook with pre-loaded Windows 7.

As you see mounted HDD has four primary partitions:
C - partiton with the operating system.
HP_TOOLS - partition which allow to use diagnostic tools after pressing F2 on startup.
RECOVERY - partiton which allows to recover system by pressing F11 on startup.
SYSTEM - active partition which boots the operating system. 
Here begins our problem. A standard partition table is only able to store information about four partitions.
This means that a hard disk could have a maximum of four partitions. The four standard partitions are oftencalled the primary partitions.
To deal with this limitation we may:
Delete hp tools partiton , and create new logical partion, BUT RECOVERY MEDIA SET HAVE BEENCREATED BEFORE

PROCESS: Download and install easeus partition magic:  http://www.partition-tool.com/easeus-partition-manager/

Here is how to use it
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