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Yes you can configure your wireless router to send a reset to an unknown device trying to access your wireless. This means your wireless device be configured with mac access filtering.
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in most cases yes you can block unwanted devices especially crackers who use your wifi without your consent. all modern wireless AP's have mac address filtering. Use it to block devices you don't want. Even if yo wifi is unsecured with mac filtering no one can tap in or use yo resources
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IP filtering is a method used to block computers on an internal network from accessing the Internet. This is often used on critical machines on the network, such as servers. It blocks users from accessing the Internet to protect these machines from malware. You can filter IP addresses on your router using the administrator console provided by the router's manufacturer. Once the block is set up, each user machine listed in the filter settings will no longer be able to access the Internet.


1.Open your web browser and type in the IP address for your router. For most default settings, the IP for the router is

2. Enter your admin username and password. If you have not set them up, try leaving the username black and the typing "admin" for the password.

3. Click the "Security" tab at the top of the window. This opens a new console screen. Within this screen, click the "Filter" link. A list of text boxes is shown where you enter the IP addresses you want to filter.

4. Enter a range of IP addresses you want to block. You can enter one IP address or several.

5. Click the "Save Settings" button.

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this isnt reliable if the hacker knows about this, he simply changes his IP address to be outside the blocked range....

mac filtering as mentioned is 100% more reliable as it blocks by an id thats unchangeable (mostly) so that the user would have to use a totally different device
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Yea its possible, u can jst block the device.
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yea u can just close the connection btwn the device n the computer.
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