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I have to design a network for a class and it has to
have 3 subnets to it. The given network address is will be Subnet A, will
be Subent B, and will be Subnet C. How
would I connect a router with an IP address of to Subnet B?
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Class A addresses range to be used: to

Three subnets to be formed:

 1. Subnet A =

2. Subnet B =

3. Subnet C =

These are all private 1918 ip addresses which gives you more host per subnet, but cannot be routed outside into the internet.

Class B public ip address =

The reason for  Subnet B to connect to is maybe you want to give that specific subnet internet access.

Your router where is connected will need at least 2 interfaces. One interface is where you are going to configure Subnet B address which is and this will be your inside LAN. This will become your default gateway for all the PCs on this subnet

The other interface your will configure your public ip address which is and is you internet side or ISP side.

Once everything is in place, you will now need to configure NAT between the interfaces so that PCs which are on Subnet B if they want to access internet, nat translations will kick in and they go to internet.

There is slightly different proposal if you want all the internal subnets to access internet. One design might need your router to have at least four interfaces if you dont want to have a switch involved.
Or it can have 2 interfaces then you will need a switch where you will connect all three subnets. Depending on the capabilities of your switch, you might end up doing a router-on-stick type of design.
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