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The power cuts that we are experiencing are not getting any better. Instead they are now worsening. Power goes twice in one day meaning that even the whole town can be at times left in the dark. Without robots that are functioning properly, the accident rate is increasing as the day goes.

Those in the educational sector might also face a few difficulties on their side as they try to study. These power cuts have taken the people back to the "rural area setup" where they have to continuously cut down trees to make fire. The smoke that comes from these fires does not do our Ozone Layer any good.

Something has to be done but the question now is what is it going to be?

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I don't know how to respond, whether you want to know power generation technologies or to your last question, how to stop power cuts.

I will try my best. If you look closely to the demand vs generation of electricity in Zimbabwe. Generation is +42% less than demand. this is very very high. After imports there is a +25% gap to be filled.
How is this gap going to  be filled, you may ask. There are several private companies that were awarded licenses to generate electricity, they have not shown up to be doing something tangible. ZESA  our beloved sole generator and supplier of power is trying its best, may not be enough but they are doing something.
What about us, consumers. Lets pay our dues to the company they need money to be in business. If you remember end of August Hwange spend $0.5 Billion on one of its two stages in refurbishments. How much more is needed for the remaining 4 power stations.

I try to read a lot around things that affect me a lot, try checking this website it helps: http://www.zpc.co.zw
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Zimbabwe has got one of the highest incoming solar input per square kilometer in Southern Africa. Our summers are long etc. We need solar technology fast... its reliable..
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Yes Castro you are right but i could not help looking at the effects also (Considering alot of facts like our current financial state)

1. Solar energy can only be harnessed when it is daytime and sunny. (what do we do when its otherwise?)
2. Solar collectors, panels and cells are relatively expensive to manufacture although prices are falling rapidly. (can we afford?)
3. Solar power stations can be built but they do not match the power output of similar sized conventional power stations. They are also very expensive. (can we afford)

It would be a brilliant plan though.
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If we had our act together I would go for those pebble bed reactors they were talking about down south, but eish, with the way things are now with our utilities, that would be asking for cancer on a lead-lined platter!
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