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I am looking for LCD screen for my Gtel phone. Where can I find affordable ones?

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Go to GTel, they cost about $40 each depending on what LCD type you want
asked Dec 17, 2013 in Mobile Hardware by anonymous
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Gtel A706 LCD cost
asked Dec 18, 2013 in Mobile by Muran GTEL A706 LCD cost by the shop
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You may visit those guys by Ximax Mall and they will get your phone sorted. But the safest way is to visit G-Tel shops, you will get a smart deal and assurance.
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I also have a G-Tel A706 and it looks like these LCDs are not that strong, I have almost 3 months without my LCD repaired. Each time I go there they keep on saying "The screens will arrive next month". Also I have noted that whenever i go there i will find one or two people with similar problems. They should improve on supply of these spare parts and even the accessories too. Otherwise the phone is good.
ME TOOO MY A706 is now in pieces without any prominent cause it just broke down,from nowhere
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I think u would if u get to those shops that order these things straight from China.
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On Gtel shops,
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