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I had to take everything off my computer recently because it was going to slow. When I updated my computer again, my speakers were working, but there was no sound coming out of them. The volume on my computer was up, but it still wouldn't work. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
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what did you play to test the speakers,make sure you played a compatible video,or music,etc that produces sound.Do not use the same  the same file to test,i once did that not knowing the problem was not of my computers speakers,but the file i played
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You can check the settings of sound in computer, in addition, you can try to update sound driver for your Windows computer. More:http://www.drivethelife.com/free-drivers-download-utility.html

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Try updating the sound card drivers. Otherwise you might need to check whether its a hardware problem or not, in that case you need to replace the broken component.
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Make sure you have compatible sound drivers running on your computer.
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i think u should find sound drivers and install them
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