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It is now my second time in one year buying my young college brother a laptop battery. I am thinking that they are dying, perhaps, because he is not taking an extra care to his battery.

To avoid this how best can he keeps battery in good health for a long period?

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3 Answers

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think the first thing is to make sure that you are buying original batteries.....
then there is also the issue that battery capacities decay with time whether they are used or not.... so maybe when buying also consider the manufacturing date......

..also heat is the number one enemy to a battery, so need to make sure that the laptop doesn't get hot....have also heard some saying that removing the battery when it is fully charged helps, but i doubt that....
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Removing/disconnecting the battery BEFORE it fully charges (80-90%) seems to be a valid tactic for keeping your battery healthy. Some laptops now even come with an option to automatically stop charging once a specific level of charge has been reached. This article explains the thinking behind it but as you will see in the comments, some people think its nonsense! http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/09/laptop-battery/
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I bet your brother's laptop is always on charge. That is the number one destroyer of laptop batteries. I bet its always on AC power like a desktop. It really kills a battery. Ive seen many of my friends replace their batteries 2 or 3 times a year. On windows OS there are 3 power plans. 1. Max Performance. 2. Balanced. 3. Power Saver. I suggest he uses power saver. Power saver decreases screen brightness etc.. It might be a terrible plan in terms of appearance but using that might also help in keeping his battery in sharp longer. Basically he must avoid constant charging as it wears down his laptop battery faster.
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