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Econet Zimbabwe has a facility to use their Multimedia Message Service. What is the uptake of this service from there? Is there anybody here using it? How much does it cost? Does the other party also need to have opted in to such a service in order for them to receive your communication?
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Good question. I also wanna knwo if anyone has ever used it??? Ive got 100 MMS from the Econet bonus and i would love to see them expire. Please help.

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Lol, IMO no one really uses MMS mainly because they are just unnecessary and expensive. OTT services like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and Hangouts have basically eradicated the need to have MMS. I guess Econet is trying to encourage usage by giving them for free... The catch is that if people get acquainted with the use of MMS then maybe, just maybe more people can join and actually pay for the service. Mind you; if people start to use MMSs then its a jackpot to Econet, they would make a bucket load of cash and high profits!!! But unfortunately they should rather try to get to the moon than to get people to use MMS because it won't happen... At least until its free for everyone.
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I use it n its cheap @ 6c/mms, so gr8.
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