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I recently lost my Samsung Galaxy S3 device in town and I am eager to know how I can track it. I have the box and IMEI number, is there a way that I can enter my Gmail account or Google can assist because it is an Android device?

I know the local networks are not too helpful with this as I am reliably advised that Telecel don't offer this service and Econet and NetOne take forever to respond (if at all they do).

How can I do this? I had not installed any tracking application...
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Did you register for sumsung account?

Since you have a ime number, you might be luck. Go and sign up here:


Once you sign up, on the same page, there is option to find find or track your mobile. It can be possible as long as the phone is having internet access.

But this option l think can be more effective when you do all the registration before you lose your phone.

Change the password of the email account you used to access and register your phone to google store.
Then use that to create or login to samsung.
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Is it as effective as Find my IPhone ?
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Im not sure coz l have never used iphone nor did l ever lost my phone.
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Really eager to know what options are available for when I DON'T HAVE THE PHONE in my hand option.
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Read my answer again!!
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ok. does it means that one has to set it before?
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Well the operators are your best bet mate! With econet they track the IMEI number so when the phone is used again it triggers an alarm. They use triangulation to locate the culprit and the police will be sent to retrieve your device. If you were using econet line then the best route is to first get a police report. Hopefully u had saved your IMEI number somewhere, this will facilitate easier tracking.
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What is the thief uses a different network instead of Econet?
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