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And what more can i do by rooting my android phone? Will I be able to update my phone when there is an update available after rooting? will i be able to stop android stopping some essential apps like home screen and etc.??? and how can i improve my phones performance? Opening contacts and messages very slow...

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Rooting is for geeks or pple who kno what they want bt cannt get because the official channel is closed where as the functionality is there, for example hacking apps.

Once you root your phone, official updates will no longer be available automatically. Should you update it again through official OS, you will loose rooting features.

When you root you phone, you do not loose features, but actually add to it and all the bling bling stuff
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when you root your phone, you are able to do an official update!, you are also able to get rid of the useless apps that came preloaded by the manufacturer (bloatware). For slow opening apps, you can replace those with faster alternatives or you can even write scripts to over-clock your CPU and GPU to make your phone faster.
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Rooting is opening the floodgates of all good things in an Android. You can change everything in your phone. Yu can remove the messaging app, calling app, keyboard, etc etc.... there are countless joys of rooting.... Just point your browser to Google's homepage and type benefits of rooting... You will be shocked.....
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If root your phone you'll loose company's warranty and won't get any service from their side. By rooting your phone you can upgrade your OS, but make sure while upgrading the OS the phone has good hardware configuration e.g if the phone has 512MB ram and you want to upgrade the OS to 4.1 jelly bean, then it is of no use, it will lag more. Because upgrading OS to a newer version takes more memory in ram. Not sure about this process, but there are some software available, that allows external memory to be used as an internal memory. So you can take the advantage of the extended internal memory to upgrade the OS.
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while there are a lot of good things that come with rooting one bad thing is that a rooted phone is less secure than an un rooted one.
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