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would like to know if its possible to connect
my pc on the internet using Nokia n8's wifi
connection. I have connected pc to internet (econet.net)using the n8 as a USB modem. I have Joikuspot premium.  I'm asking if its possible to connect with phone as wifi adapter? I don't have wireless adaptor. Wondering if there is some software.

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4 Answers

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I have a Nokia N8 as well and looked in vain for something like tethering on the phone itself. My Sony Android had such a feature. I looked for mobile hotspot...nothing.
Now I know I had to look for a way to create an new obile broadband connection on the PC.

I know the way to do it in Linux Voyager X2 (combi Ubuntu-Debian).
Itś very easy.
Just plug the N8 in via USB cable.
Evt. you have to unlock your phone. I did, before Linux / Windows actually recognises the phone.
Than, you go to Network Manager of search for Network Connections.
Choose Add  / New Mobile Broadband
Choose provider and Create and that´s it.
Evt. you have to Enable Mobile Broadband ( in my case T-Mobile)
Otherwise you can pick your newly created mobile broadband from the dropdown menu.

Happy surfing, Peer
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I have a Nokia N8 and I use Joikuspot for  wifi  tethering, the only problem  is none of my Android  devices  can connect to it but it works great with my desktop and laptop.
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lm just curious that maybe there is a mismatch on authentication protocols between your android device and your joikuspot.

Just verify that if joikuspot is using WEP authentication, and you android devices using WPA then its not going to work.
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Yes this is possible. (assuming you are using Windows 8.1 or later) You just need to set up the ad-hoc connection first through your pc. Remember to use the exact name for this ad-hoc as the one for the Joikuspot .Such that whenever you wish to connect you first initiate the ad hoc connection first then connect to your Joikuspot.

However if it's windows 8.0 or earlier is simple as your connect directly to Joikuspot without initiating an ad-hoc connection first. There is a tool online called *Ad-hoc Network* that automates the whole process.

hope this helps
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