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On Thursday 10 October 2013 Techzim hosted the annual ZOL Startup challenge that saw over 20 startups presenting their ideas and hoping to get a chance at landing a piece of the $25000 funding that comes with winning it.

Did you attend the event? How was it in comparison to TechCrunch's Disrupt events? (IF you have ever attended these kind of international events).

What are your thoughts on the quality of startups that Zimbabwean developers (and accountants, marketers, etc) are producing?

Do you see light at the ended of the tunnel? How can we perfect the "art" of startups?
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Does anyone have a dvd of the EVENT???? Please please please

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I must admit being present at the first one and each one since then it has certainly come along way. I am particularly impressed with the advancement of the start-ups pitching and the real thought and solutions they have come up with, with the right mentor-ship I can see a few success stories emerging from this event in the not so distant future.

Keep up the great work TechZim and ZOL, Zimbabwe thanks you.
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I think ZOL Startup challenge need to review what a tech startup is actually..... personally I wasn't really impressed with the quality of startups that pitched up,....it made me realize how far we are behind in terms of technology in Zim..... most of them were just websites/blogs no real innovation there... or even real tech skills ........ maybe Testlabs and SpryAds were the only ones that deserved to go through ""for me""...... Maybe the launch of Hypecube wiill improve things..... Can't wait for them to launch.....
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