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I am interested to know how real the threat technology plays to the very few jobs that are available on the local market. With an ever increasing unemployment rate, can technology help or worsen the problem that we are facing as a nation?

Will apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter create opportunities? Will this see a proliferation of startups handling company's presence online?

Should we not as a nation be harnessing technology and using it to reduce the "unemployment" rate? Can the government help in this regard?

Your thoughts?

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It depends on the amount of thought one has on technology. Obviously the POST OFFICE staff are mad at whatsapp, facebook and twitter. No more telegrams or mails going out as compared to that time a few years ago.Post man is probably selling airtime at the street corner. On the other hand EcoCash is slowly shutting down the POSB bank.

How ever, technology alone can not go the extra mile without human aids. As a nation it's wiser to be harnessing the technology to a greater extent on those things that really need efficiency but in terms of anything else then manul legacy way of life is still great.

Technology is here to stay and sooner than later everyone will be in I.T. More complex problems will arise and this will make us think better and apply more technological solutions. No one can stop I.T but I.T can stop most of us.
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There are always 2 sides to an argument... The good and the bad. Technology is good. But try telling the guys who used to put Tyre pressure manually at Dun-lop... (Now its done by machines). Try talking to the guys who used to ride bicycles delivering our letters...(Now people use emails, faxes, etc.
The good is that now someone is employed at Telone as a network administrator, Someone works as a systems security analyst @ CBZ. It all depends on how you see it... for every job lost becoz of technology another one is created... So basically people should also adopt. eg the guy who was doing tyre pressures at Dunlop should do a course in machinery repairs so that when the machine breaks down he can fix it... the postman should do CISCO etc............
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yes,a big one,and it its has  more added advantages on top of that
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Technology is very good... well... yeah it is.
There is industrial automation. No more carrying 90kg bags up staircases to load tanks its all being done by machines.
Telecoms.. no need to travel to Bulawayo to pass a message of a funeral. just call, Whatsapp, or Skype them.
Automobile... increasing safety on the road.
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no its not a threat but it makes jobs easier for people
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