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I was an avid follower of Dipleague (kinda like our own veriation of Craigslist) up until they removed "free email" accounts from posting their adverts.

I spoke to a friend recently and he told me that it was now just a matter of everyone posting and posting and posting and .... (you get the drift?), but no one really subscribing to receiving the emails to see what they can buy.

Has it changed from that yet? What improvements can be made to better the service for everyone? Will monitising help the evolution? I think and feel that as it is a free service that there is not much want to scale the business.

Has it changed? Can it change? How so?

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I'm not sure really. I think it's because the founders behind are comfortable and don't see Dipleague as the gold mine the general populace sees it to be. Maybe if they could have some paid listings tat go to the top of every digest (I'm sure a lot would be willing to pay) then from the proceeds set up a team that builds the next-gen mailing list. They were good for a small size but now they have really, really grown and it has killed the product.

Evolved they haven't
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