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in Mobile Apps by Guru (94.6k points)
I would like to know what mobile applications are available for android users (I'm not a fan of iOS, but if there is an app for them then I'll be interested to follow. Blackberry forget!!!)

I want to know what apps can keep my data private. My music, pictures, messages and even my videos (hello Tinopona Kastande!!!) so that if, God forbid, my phone gets lost or stolen no one will be able to access or download any of my content.

Will the app also be able to hide my WhatsApp messages, Facebook chats or any other app that I require.

You know I like free, so wouldn't want to pay a dime for it.

Or would it be best to get apps like "SnapChat" that delete content after a specific amount of time?

And no, I'm not looking to get naughty or make sex tape or anything of that sort, but just to have my content kept PRIVATE. I'm just a simple businessman operating in Harare and you know these things happen.

Any recommendations?

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2 Answers

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Avast, FVH, Android safe... Quite a lot on google play or on 1Mobile Market
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There are security apps that enable you to delete all your contents on your phone remotely in case you loose it.
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