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The rise of the internet has opened up the world to millions of people. It is now possible to do things that were unheard of only ten or even five years ago.

Unfortunately the internet is not free from scams and scammers. Some scams are especially designed to take advantage of the way the internet works.

A lot of internet scams take place without the victim even noticing. It is only when their credit card statement or phone bill arrives that the person realises that they might have been scammed.

'Nigerian 419' scams
You are promised huge rewards if you help someone transfer money out of their country by paying fees or giving them your bank account details.

Transferring money for someone else
If you agree to transfer money for someone you don’t know, you let scammers use your bank account to ‘launder’ their dirty money. This puts you and your money in the firing line.

Ring tone scams
Misleading offers for ‘free’ or cheap ring tones that end up being a subscription or premium rate service.

Up-front payment scams
You are asked to send money upfront for a product or ‘reward’. You will end up with something much less than you expected, or nothing at all.

With this in mind, how safe is it then for one to transact online?

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One needs to be very vigilant when disclosing their credit card details and I would recommend that you visit this website: http://www.scamadviser.com/ and enter the URL of the website that you want to check the authenticity of.

Further, you should "google" the website, together with the word scam or do a "is this legit" test on it. I.e. if the website is called www.amosmacdrops.com then just google "www.amosmacdrops.com scam" or "is this legit www.amosmacdrops.com scam" and you will see how it has been rated on other websites.

Hope this helps in checking if a website is genuine or not.
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check the legit (genuine)for the website you would want to do transactions with on internet.
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Use proven companies like Itunes for ringtones etc... E bay and Amazon for buying..... Im not saying the others are scams but im just saying at leat these ones wont scam you... Its like deciding to buy Mazoe vs Quench
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About mazoe & quench-irrelevant
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An extra care is nedeed otherwise you can lose your $
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You must beware of scam sites... there are several scams in the prowl..Always have a whois lookup at sites from http://www.whoisxy.com and check whether the disclosed contact details are true and whether they are trusted to your knowledge.If not it is likely to be a scam.You can also check the website reputation and safety at http://www.webutation.net .If it is a online shopping site check whether they have SSL certificate for their site.SSL certificate enabled domain name looks like https://paypal.com .It is secure for online transactions.Protect our online transaction credit or debit cart payment and password from hackers.It works under encryption and decryption process.
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You have to be careful when dealing wth online stores. It is best to use trusted sites to avoid scam and make a research about the website b4 the deal.
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