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I want to install whatsapp on my pc and I am wondering if there is any way other than the bluestacks.

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3 Answers

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If you can find another emulator!!
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1. You will need an emulator such as YouWave, you can get it here: youwave.com/
2. You’ll also need WhatsApp.apk ─ you can download it from the WhatsApp site: http://www.whatsapp.com/android/
3. Download and install YouWave on your laptop.
4. Run YouWave (may take some time at first) then click Help > Instructions to see the path of your working directory.
5. Copy the WhatsApp.apk file in to the directory or you can download it within the emulator via Android AppStore.
6. Click on View > Redraw icons and you will see WhatsApp shortcut.
7. Configure WhatsApp on Windows PC.
8. Double click WhatsApp on YouWave.
9. Register using mobile phone (use number NOT already registered for WhatsApp).
10. You may not be able to verify by text, so wait for call verification
11. WhatsApp will call on that number you provided and will recite the verification code to enter on the screen.
12. You’re done.
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You can download and set-up the Android SDK, create a virtual phone , then install whatsapp there. Alternatively you can get software called Vmware player (http://www.filehippo.com/download_vmware_player/)  and and android vmware image (http://www.android-x86.org/) , run it and install whatsapp.
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