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How can i delete and ban offensive material on twitter? is it possible to ban the twitterer of that offensive material?
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Offensive towards you or rather content that you don't want people to know?
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either offensive towards me or content i don't want people to know.

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you can block any twitter user that you like however note the following

there updates (and i think any tweets that mention them) are hidden from your timeline
to my knowledge it doesnt affect searches (at the moment)
other people can still follow them and see there content etc

you can report twitter users mostly for spam or impersonation issues via twitter support but its a bit of a long winded process for anything but spam - most twitter clients have a report spam button that auto blocks them too - if enough people do it in a certain amount of time the account usually gets taken down

offensive material is a harder subject on twitter - chances are nothing will get done about it in most cases but you can submit a support ticket to twitter if it offends you that much - chances are enough other people may have complained too
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so does that mean that i CANNOT do anything about offensive tweets?
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no you can do something but its more than likely nothing will happen unless other people have reported similar

you have to understand that twitter is a hugely popular platform and what offends one person may be totally acceptable to others - so theres a balancing act

you just need to weigh up the costs in terms of time in reporting such tweets compared to actual benefits compared to simply blocking that user
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